Aukrux Limited is a company established in London, United Kingdom with the unwavering sole aim of assisting companies, organizations and individuals alike in the areas of importing/exporting of products like rice, sugar, milk powder, wheat, edible oils, corn, soya beans, cashew nuts, precious minerals, crude and refined oils amongst others.

More importantly, with a group of qualified and experienced personnel having great passion and dedication in providing quality products and services; we unequivocally remain an organisation of international repute. 

We are renowned for excellent service, technical expertise and industry knowledge and have successful but long standing partnerships with trusted partners ranging from multinational organizations to independent individuals serving niche markets.

With us at Aukrux Limited, finding that specialty product with guaranteed quality is a task you can be rest assured we will handle; taking off the burden from you as we invariably remain an extension of your team.

Moreover, we do go above and beyond to understand the needs of our clients and offer them with comprehensive advice where necessary. 

We are determined to go above and beyond in our service delivery to our clients by utilizing our technical knowledge coupled with our speed of response, consistent quality, competitive stable prices, reliable deliveries and adequate stock holding which hitherto positions us as the partner of choice for our customers.